Friday, April 29, 2011

What Who Wear: Spring Picks!

Been browsing the web lately & found my new love. :) It's like a magazine but it's NOT, it's a website :) Haha, did you get it? Oh well, just read some few post and see what I had found. :) WWW Spring Picks! This can be an inspiration for fashionista's out there :)

There's something so delightfully hopeful and optimistic about spring. No matter what kind of winter you've weathered, when temperatures begin to warm up and the season's light and lovely clothes start appearing in stores, you can't help but get excited. And now that spring's really here and you've had a moment to process all of the new looks and must-have pieces, it's time to really get down to brass tacks and think about the items you'd like to purchase. 

READ MORE? Here's the link :)  WWW: Spring Essentials

Happy Reading! =)

Martha ♥ Love.

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