About Me

Im cool with many but I just trust few. I drink & I smoke, there's nothing to hide. I love to party with my friends & spend the whole night with them. :) I'm nice unless you give me reasons to be otherwise.I have best friends and enemies, I have dramas and memories.I'm hoping that one day I wont need fake smiles to feel happy. YES, I make mistakes. Respect me, my actions & my words.I know that nothing last forever, so I just live it up.I'm a good friend. I'm loyal & trustworthy, don't give me reasons not to be. laughing hard completes my day. =) Imperfections lives me up.People says a lot of mean things about me. but then still, being me is what really makes me happy. :)
"I may not be perfect but I'm real.."
im just a girl:)

Personal :)
Full Name: Martha Lou B. Segundo
Birthday: September 4, 1992
Age: Sweet 18 :">
Boyfriend: Micael Sac B. Cabrera ♥♥♥
Weight: 40kg
Height: 5' pretty small uh :)
Favorite Colors: Pink, Red, Black, White and Nude.
Interest: FASHION, Bags, Shoes, Clothes  Musics, Movies, Shopping, Figure Skating, Guitar, Dancing, Starbucks Frappe, Camera, iPod, Mobile phone, Gadgets, laptop, internet, Chocolates, Nightouts, GirlyStuffs :) ETC!

School Stuffs :)
Where I studied in Grade School: Malate Catholic School
Where I studied in High School: St. Mary's Academy Pasay
Where I study now: I Stopped for a semester & now im choosing a new school. :) Wanna recommend one? Btw, my old school is Colegio de San Juan de Letran
Course: Digital Arts / Multimedia Arts
Year: 2nd Year
Other Stuffs :)

Favorite stores:  The Ramp, SM, Bazaars, Thrift Shops, Online shops. 
Favorite Trend: It depends on my MOOD! :)