Friday, April 29, 2011

I wish I was in HongKong

Last Tuesday night my aunt went home from hong kong :) I'm so excited because of the things she said that she bought for me! Haha It's an easy fetching schedule because her arrival was 12am so there's not much of a hassle & traffic. Im happy but sad too cause she wasn't able to visit the night markets there even ONCE, Imagine that! because of her work and whatever stuffs. I really would love to explore their night markets because there were such great find and talk about price,Cheap too! Agree? Well,  It's her fault.haha Atleast she manage to buy me things dba. :) So due to my happiness I wanted to share to you guy's the things I received. 

bustier, trouser, trouser, scarf :)
sling bag, pumps :) and a lot moreeeee :))
I got tired taking pictures it's just another scarf another trousers and sheer blouses. :P haha
Can't wait to wear them. :)

Love ♥ Martha.

What Who Wear: Spring Picks!

Been browsing the web lately & found my new love. :) It's like a magazine but it's NOT, it's a website :) Haha, did you get it? Oh well, just read some few post and see what I had found. :) WWW Spring Picks! This can be an inspiration for fashionista's out there :)

There's something so delightfully hopeful and optimistic about spring. No matter what kind of winter you've weathered, when temperatures begin to warm up and the season's light and lovely clothes start appearing in stores, you can't help but get excited. And now that spring's really here and you've had a moment to process all of the new looks and must-have pieces, it's time to really get down to brass tacks and think about the items you'd like to purchase. 

READ MORE? Here's the link :)  WWW: Spring Essentials

Happy Reading! =)

Martha ♥ Love.


Heyaaah! I missed you guys so much. Haven't blog for weeks since the holy week. Im not in the mood really. :( But now Im back! hehe. =)) Anw, I've been house arrest for weeks now and can't do anything thou. But but, lo and behold, I got to score some awesome shoessss! Ain't that a good thing! :) I was sooo happy to have them. See it for your self, I got them for a 20% discount, cool right! well, check these babies & I will share to you guys how to get that 20% discount. :)

And these are the babies that you will find inside that bag! :)

(Inspiration: Miu camel patent mary-jane platform loafer pumps)


I love them sooo! Hehe, as I have said i'll teach you how to avail their 20% discount. Here's How:

So you'd like to slash 20% off your pairs? Here's how!

1.) Like us in Facebook

2.) Post the following on your wall
 I love shopping at @Chick Flick Collection(or mention us on your post; you can even include a link of our multiply shop)

3.) Place orders by sending me a private message here in Multiply. Please include the link directing me to your post.

4.) Get pairs 20% less!
(Exclusive of shipping fee= Php80 Mmla and Php120 Provincial)

Please help us spread the word on fab pairs for less.
Thanks so much everyone!!! 


Easy Right? So whatcha waitin for? :) Grab your pair now and avail their discount! :)

Love ♥ Martha

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Mommy Diaries

I found this event and I think It's a to-Go event with our mom's :) And I think they will love it because it is meant for them! :) I would definitely bring my mom here. :) So see you & your mom there :)

Martha ♥ Love.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Let's Read, Walk & Talk

Hello! I'm back again, been busy doing something in a while! :) Haven't updated my blog :( I miss it. haha  Well, I've been thinking on  how to revive my self from all those errands I need to run for my mom & dad. For the past few days, I've been serious and didn't have time to relax. Haha For my relief, I wouldn't wanna have it any other way so, I shop. Pero on a practical way ha, cause I'm saving for something I wanna buy kaso expensive e.haha so there let me share you the things that caught my eye & my wallet :)

Magazines :) I love reading & I'm collecting magazines now, for every month issues.

 Wedge from Parisian from SM Department store, Great find! :)

Thrifted leopard tote bag :) I got this for 200! Cheap but stylish :)

Fashionable yet practical right :) Haha. Cause it's summer and I'm getting broke. But I can still manage to get things that I want in a most practical way. Well, let's all have a great SUMMER ahead. I'm getting bored and I wanted to go schooling na :( Anw, I'll be back on being a student by november I think? HAHA Till then. :)

Love ♥ Martha.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bloggers United: An Interactive Shopping Affair

This blogger's event will be this coming May 27, 2011 at The Lounge (33rd floor), Malayan Plaza Hotel, Ortigas City!:)

The Bloggers United is a team dedicated to delivering breakthroughs in the metro’s blogging community. We are in an effort to pool bloggers and really turn it into a “community”. We recognize the bloggers’ massive power to inspire, and influence the public on how they think, behave and spend. But more than that, we want to use that power in order to make an action in spreading social awareness and issues to our fellowmen.
There will be Manila's top & influencial 30+ fashion bloggers that will participate in this event, wouldn't be that wonderful! And they're not just bloggers, readers can also participate by going in this said bazaar so that we can interact with each other! :) The most important part of this event is that, it is a tie-up project with KIDS FOUNDATION and certain sponsorship proceeds will be donated to charity. :)
For more details and updates, like them on Facebook.
Let's support it & Let's see each other at the event! :)
Love ♥ Martha.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Putting Up a Business

Hello guys! did you all have a great morning? Well, me? Not that well. haha! before I go to sleep I think of things that I wanted to put here in my blog, I got so excited that I had a hard time sleeping.haha and end up having this weirdest dream. haha Anw, It's summer & Im getting bored from doing nothing since I stopped schooling I didn't have enough time to make gala. haha! I miss my Starbucks days, well I'm addicted to their coffee. Now back to the topic, I wanted to put up this business about T-shirts & stuffs, clothes of whatsoever. When browsing tumblr (Again, Thankyou tumblr for giving me soo much inspiration. HAHA!) I found these cool t-shirt, couple shirt designs. Well check this out, I might produce them someday! :)

Well what do you think? :) Haha. pls give some suggestion on my formspring accnt :) Thanks!
Hope this all goes well :)
(Credits to Tumblr for the pictures)

Love ♥ Martha.


Talkin' about shoe's I found the perfect bazaar for us Shoe lovers :) 

We Need To check this out! :) See You there. :)

Love ♥ Martha.


While browsing Tumblr again, I found these pretty shoes that are very stunning. But I think it's only available international (not in Philippines) but atleast I got to see them in pictures, they drool me! :)) I'll be glad if I get my hands on one of these!

And now Im shoee struck :)) HAHA!

Love ♥ Martha.

Little Sister :)

Check out my sister's blog too :) We're NEW here so please cope with us :) 
Thank You Very Much! :) 

Love ♥ Martha.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Summer Stylin :)

Oh well, Sorry If Im not VERY ACTIVE here right now. I dont have much to put on my blog because, There's nothing much interesting in my life. as of NOW. :)) And Im kinda busy fixing other stuffs like transferring to another school, helping my mom & my siblings coz' Im the eldest sister. Haha So I'll just put here the picture's that caught my eye when Im fixing & browsing my tumblr blog. :)

Because it's summer, I'd prolly wear shorts & tank tops, dont you think? :) Well I love how they style each of those clothes. I wanted to have clothes like that inside my closet. Haha

Anw, People if you have tumblr blogs pls follow me :) Thank You very much!

♥love, Martha.