Monday, April 18, 2011

Let's Read, Walk & Talk

Hello! I'm back again, been busy doing something in a while! :) Haven't updated my blog :( I miss it. haha  Well, I've been thinking on  how to revive my self from all those errands I need to run for my mom & dad. For the past few days, I've been serious and didn't have time to relax. Haha For my relief, I wouldn't wanna have it any other way so, I shop. Pero on a practical way ha, cause I'm saving for something I wanna buy kaso expensive e.haha so there let me share you the things that caught my eye & my wallet :)

Magazines :) I love reading & I'm collecting magazines now, for every month issues.

 Wedge from Parisian from SM Department store, Great find! :)

Thrifted leopard tote bag :) I got this for 200! Cheap but stylish :)

Fashionable yet practical right :) Haha. Cause it's summer and I'm getting broke. But I can still manage to get things that I want in a most practical way. Well, let's all have a great SUMMER ahead. I'm getting bored and I wanted to go schooling na :( Anw, I'll be back on being a student by november I think? HAHA Till then. :)

Love ♥ Martha.

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